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Useful links for starting with Gatsby

gatsby coding

In case you are a fan of tutorials you can get your first knowledge with the official tutorials from Gatsby. Basic knowledge about CSS, HTML, JavaScript/React is necessary.

Starting with GatsbyJS

The documentation of Gatsby is awesome. With the quick start you get a very short instruction for having a small website blog in some minutes. But you find more links for detailed information. In general, it is possible to get a result following the instructions in the documentation.

Check examples

If you do not find help in the documentation, another possibility is to check whether your problem is listed in the resource of examples at GitHub Gatsby Profile. And you also get an imagination from the gatsby way.

Use a starter

Another solution can be to use a starter, which solves and integrates your main concerns.

Check the issues at GitHub

In a lot of cases you are not alone, if something is not working. At GitHub Gatsby Issues many things are still discussed and a solution is offered.